The power of will within all of us

i canNo matter what any successful person says has helped them get to where they are in life, there is one thing that they will all mention time and time again…That word is persistence.

So what is persistence exactly.  Well to me it means never giving up, continuing to strive for what you want and believe in no matter what.  Therefore persistence is the action that comes from the emotion of will.  The will power to persist, the will power to get back up.  That’s why I believe the really secret behind success is having a very high level of will power.

This means being able to say no many times to the immediate things in order to reap the rewards of the distant things….Such as saying “no” to your television when it’s calling you to watch one more show at night.  Or saying “no” to your refrigerator to eat one more piece of pizza, cake, or various other junk that drains your energy and expands your waist line.

But here is the really beauty behind that little dreaded word of “no”.  Every time you say the word no to something else that is not good for you and your will power you are saying YES to yourself and your goals.  The difficult thing is creating this will power within us and turning it into a habit, instead of a sporadic action. 

As a mentor mine Kameron George said, “First you build your habits, then they build you”.

The best way that I have seen to build positive habits is to surround yourself with people who are already at the level that you are trying to reach.  This is the basis of being connected with a strong community of like-minded people.

For many years I tried creating an online business all alone.  I attempted to work with some website developers, bought and promoted some products through various affiliate sites and even started and ran a drop shipping site for about a year.  Now I did fairly well with each of these endeavors, but there was always one major problem.  It was just me, behind my computer all day long. 

I knew I needed something more and I knew that something was going to be out of my comfort zone.  I had to push my will power in the direction of my real goals and stop living within the expectations that my mind created for myself. 

I wanted to be part of an online community that didn’t just sit behind a computer, but that lived a very freeing and adventurous life, while also making money online.  Well I found them and you can have it to!…watch the video and learn how to free yourself today!

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How Timothy Ferris in the 4-hour work week changed my life with 3 simple words

tferr-picIf you haven’t yet heard of Timothy Ferris he is the man who sparked the modern revolution of disconnected living.  He coined the phrase, “new rich” and has taught millions of people how to live a freer type of lifestyle. 

He is the author of three bestselling books, including “The 4-hour work week”, “The 4-hour body”, and “The 4-hour chef”.  He also most recently presented his own television series, “The Timothy Ferris experience”, where he proclaims himself a human guinea pig to learn anything in just a week!

His books and ideas have personally touched me in many ways in my business and personal life.  From his game changing insights into out sourcing and goal setting, to his outlook on positive thinking and time management.  

All of these practical and actionable tips have helped me and many others to achieve our goals and better our lives.  But the greatest gift I received from Tim Ferris was so profound, yet so simple.

The 3 words that changed my life were….


I read these three words and literally dropped my book and stopped to think.  I was stunned…What a concept, what a simple way to say it.  Inside my head it brought everything together into a mantra like statement to make it all worth it.

So many times we take so much seriously.  We take work seriously, we take bills seriously, we take stress seriously.  Of course these things are serious and need our attention, but they don’t always need to be taken so seriously that we forget the other side of the coin.  The FUN side…

If we only take one side serious and not the other we end up in the worst case and one of the most common places among our generation today…out of balance.

Whether or not you are entrepreneur, work a 9 to 5, or run a small business the one thing that we all have in common is time.  It is also the one thing in life that we cannot get back.  We can make more money, win more awards, even get fake hips and heart transplants, but once a minute is gone, that minute is gone forever.   It is non-renewable.

Because it is non-renewable it is precious and so we need to take the time and respect the time to have fun and take that fun very seriously!  We need to make fun a priority, put ourselves and our fun at the top of our to-do list.  We must do this in order to keep our lives, our families lives and those around us, in balance…When was the last time you really had FUN?…hope that didn’t take long to think about!

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Is fear holding you back from success


I can hear you all now saying to your screen…duh…the biggest fear of any entrepreneur is losing all their money.

But what if I told you that was actually the second biggest fear of entrepreneurs and that the biggest fear is on a much more personal level.

The fear of FAILURE…

The fear of failure was surprisingly not seriously studied until the 1960′s by psychologist such as John Atkinson.  In one experiment he conducted he had children play a game of hoop-the-peg, with higher rewards given for greater distances from the peg. The achiever kids stood a far but realistic distance from the peg, adding more concentration and a positive attitude with future attempts if they failed. But those with fear of failure, however, stood right on top of the peg in order to avoid any chance of failure or so far back that failure was almost certain.

So what does that mean to us as entrepreneurs?  It means that many times when we see something that we know could be highly promising and lucrative, we take the first step forward but do so with the intention to fail, or with the idea that it will be a get rich quick idea.

Is it pride? Is it ego? Is it the fact that we don’t want to let our family down or be embarrassed in front of our friends? The fear of failure is something that I have dealt with personally and with many of my life coaching clients.  It is one of those emotions that you really can’t explain unless you are right in the middle of it…almost like an anxiety attack.

As an entrepreneur who has started and ran multiple successful small businesses here is my humble take on it.  I strongly believe that the fear of failure comes in direct relation to the fact that so many people attempt to go into business by themselves…alone.

This model for business has been proven over and over to be highly risky and has caused thousands of people to close their doors, shut down their laptops and feel that pain of failure that we are talking about.

How I Had My Major Entrepreneur Break Through!

I had my major break through into real entrepreneur success when I started working with a group of like-minded people and stopped trying to reinvent the wheel (when obviously the wheel works pretty damn good already!).

It’s called ‘a community’…entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs reach their goals and live their dream lifestyles.

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So don’t be that kid that stands directly over the peg and tries to enjoy success without any work.  Or that kid who sets themselves up for failure simply because it is easier than giving it your best shot…Be the person who goes after what they wants and does it with the confidence to succeed no matter what our friends, our family, and most importantly or fear within ourselves says!

You have the power within you, and you have the community around you to be great…

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Do more than just survive, LIVE!

Talk soon,

- Brian

P.S.  There is way to much entrepreneur guidance and tips in this world to try and do it all alone

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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to get the things in life that they want, while others always seem to settle for what life gives them?

It’s like some people are just “lucky” and others are stuck in a permanent rut…But lets take a look at this word “lucky” for a second.  What does it mean?

luck·y  ˈləkē/  adjective  

1. having, bringing, or resulting from good luck

Wow, that was not helpful at all! So this luck is a magical thing that floats around and lands on certain people but misses other people?  Well that is an idea that I just cannot accept.  So what about this…

Luck and being lucky is a result from a persons personality and work ethic.  If a person puts in the time and energy to pursue the things in life that matter to them no matter the obstacles in their path, that person will find success.  This is a proven fact throughout history and I could easily ramble off hundreds of names…Ford, Edison, Jobs, Trump are just a few off the top of my head.

But here’s where the lucky magic comes into play…Most people don’t take the time to look into how these great people made it to be so lucky.  What most people do is only see is the results, and so they say “if I was only so lucky as…”.  The real magic to luck is what happens when no one is not looking, like in the middle of the night or the early hours of the morning.  These are times when true champions are born and where luck is created by those dedicated enough to create and follow their dreams.

It is about the small steps taken daily that lead up to the marathon of life.  The question becomes are you taking steps towards your own goals and dream life or are you taking steps for someone else?  

Are You Ready to Gain?

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